Faculty Resources
  • Free Printable Christmas Worksheets for Kids and Students December 2, 2022
    The purpose of this post is to share with you a handpicked collection of platforms where you can access a wide variety of printable Christmas worksheets to use with your kids and students during this holiday season. Most of these materials are available for free download in PDF format. There are various ways to use these Christmas themed worksheets with your […]
  • Reading Bear: Free Phonics and Vocab Lessons to Help Kids Learn to Read December 1, 2022
    Reading Bear, an educational project of WatchKnowLearn.org, helps kids develop reading and vocabulary skills through presentations, review activities, and quizzes. The site contains over 50 presentations (playable either as video or interactive slide show) covering different phonics principles. Besides helping students learn to decode, Reading Bear also help […]
  • Computer Coding for Kids- 13 Great Guides December 1, 2022
    Computer coding is becoming the 21st century literacy par excellence. More and more schools are teaching elementary kids computer science and programming. As the popular saying goes, learning coding is like learning a new language, both are better done early. When kids learn to code, they also pick up a number of other 'incidental' skills along the […]
  • Free Christmas Card Templates and Presentation Slides November 30, 2022
    Christmas brings so many memories and delightful experiences. It is the time of year when everybody winds down and enjoys time with their family and loved ones. For us in education, Christmas is also a time for creating engaging and fun learning experiences for our kids and students. Over the last few weeks, I have been working on a Christmas resource page w […]
  • The 20 Best Christmas Movies of All Time November 30, 2022
    Celebrate the holiday spirit with these amazing Christmas movies. For the boomers among you some of these movies,especially the classic Christmas movies, will definitely arouse old memories and stir up feelings of nostalgia to an era where there were no mobile phone, Internet or social media, and where everybody would gather around the single TV set at home […]